SoluSorb™ Liposomal Technology: The Advanced Delivery System for Dietary Supplements

SoluSorb™ Liposomal Technology is ECS Therapeutics’ proprietary liposomal delivery system for dietary supplements. Our process provides a water soluble format with a reduced, microscopic particle size of the active ingredients for enhanced absorption and overall bioavailability.

How liposomes are readily absorbed

With liposomal delivery, active ingredients are contained within minuscule fat cells (known as liposomes); liposomes then travel to areas of the body where they can be efficiently absorbed. Figure 1 below shows the structure of a liposome.

The liposomes hydrophilic heads, as seen in Figure 1, allow for faster and easier absorption of the encapsulated active ingredient by mimicking the structure of a cell membrane. This format also enables avoidance of first-pass metabolism in the digestive system. With liposomal delivery, active ingredients may be shuttled to cells where they are needed or may enter directly into the bloodstream. This can minimize the risk of gut irritation and nutrient degradation.

Figure 2 below shows our SoluSorb Liposomal Technology at work. The liposome encapsulates and protects the active ingredient, and it is accepted into the cell.